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May 16, 2019
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USB Cable or Network Problem

Your  Lexmark printer can also be listed as “Offline” if its connection is faulty. If you connect to your Lexmark printer via a USB cable, Lexmark Customer Support Phone Numberthe cable could have something wrong with its hardware;  recommends USB cables that have twisted pair wiring, are shielded and are not more than 6 feet long. If you connect to your Lexmark printer via a network, the network could be down or firewall-protected;  Lexmark printer Support recommends checking your network’s router or hub, checking your computer’s firewall setting to make sure it does not block the network connection and running network connection diagnostics.


The print on the paper becomes faded when there is not enough toner in the Lexmark printer, which means the old toner cartridge will have to be replaced. See the guide for replacing toner cartridges.

Uneven Printing Quality

After printing about 8000 pages, the drum unit in the Lexmark printer begins to wear down, which will cause printing quality to decrease even if the toner is full. To fix a new drum unit see the guide to replacing the drum unit.

Dirty Prints

The inside of the Lexmark printer will naturally begin to get dirty which will cause documents to also become dirty and of low quality. The inside of the Lexmark printer needs to be cleaned. See the guide to cleaning the inside components of the Lexmark printer.

Jammed Paper

There is paper stuck in the back of the printer.

Fix a Paper Jam

Paper will occasionally get stuck in the drum unit which will prevent other documents from being printed. The only way to clear a pap er jam is to take apart the Lexmark printer and remove the paper by hand. To fix the paper jam see the guide to fixing paper jams.

Full Memory



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