+44 203 880 7918 HP printer Customer Support Phone Number

May 16, 2019
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 Printer Support Phone HP printer not print any more documents due to lack of memory.

Replace Memory

If too many documents need to be saved on the printer,HP Customer Support Phone Number the memory will eventually not be able to hold all of the information. The memory inside the printer can be replaced with a larger memory storage to provide the space needed. To add more memory to the printer see the guide to adding more memory.

Dusty Prints

Print has a fine black powder HP printer it and the print is faded.

Clean the Corona HP printer on Drum Unit

If the HP printer is left open, dust can find its way inside causing the quality of the documents to decrease. The dust will dirty the corona wire, which is located on the drum unit of the HP printer. To fix the dusty prints, the corona wire needs to be cleaned. To clean the corona wire see the guide to cleaning the corona wire.



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